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As a group that’s recognised for innovation and excellence, it’s not surprising that the health care industry puts its trust in our products every day. With over 100 products in our stable, we are influencing and improving patient care and outcomes with our medical devices, surgical products, and diagnostic solutions. We are best known for our integrated solutions in general surgery, gynecology, urology, respiratory, and medical and surgical.

general medical devices

Products that save lives


We manufacture and supply our customers with the best quality medical devices; products that protect patient safety and promote recovery. Our broad range of general medical products are segmented into our niche focus areas, including general medical, custom packs and trays, speciality products and disposable textiles.  From surgical gloves, suction devices, tubing, wound drains, to ICU breathing circuits, respiratory equipment, catheters, syringes, disposable textile, needles, and more – we have over 200 quality products in this range.

At the forefront of surgical innovation


Our high quality absorbable and non-absorbable sutures are used in hospitals around the world and are manufactured using laser-drilled needles. This provides the best needle/suture combinations for easier passage through tissue, reducing tissue damage and ensuring a less traumatic patient experience. We manufacture 13 different material types, offering a wide selection of needle choices. Our surgical division is well known for its globally renowned surgical sutures, we also specialise in procedure packs and trays, and surgical devices. Our device range covers a number of medical specialities, including Respiratory, Urology, Gastroenterology, Wound Drainage, Critical Care, Anaesthetics, Gynaecology, General Surgery and PPE.


Early diagnosis saves lives


Our diagnostic products help provide accurate medical information so that doctors can make faster, more informed treatment decisions, that are in the best interests of the patients we serve. Our niche diagnostic portfolio includes pioneering technology divided into the areas of POCT, Quality, Lab Line and General. From diabetes, to cardiac, hematology, blood grouping, immunoassay, ESR, proficiency materials, software and more – with our quality products we have the power to shift the healthcare paradigm from reactive to proactive.