AmniSure® International LLC | Akacia Surgical

AmniSure® International LLC was formed in 2005 to manufacture, market and distribute the Amnisure® ROM Test worldwide. The objective of AmniSure® International LLC is to establish AmniSure® as a Gold-Standard test – a staple test for every pregnancy. AmniSure® LLC works to achieve that objective through in-house sales capabilities and by working with an extensive network of worldwide distributors. Akacia Surgical is the official distributor of the Amnisure® ROM Test in South Africa.

AmniSure® is a new diagnostic device developed by N-Dia, Inc. that solves a long-standing problem in obstetric practice – diagnosis of ruptured fetal membranes (ROM). Premature ROM (PROM) occurs in about one out of ten pregnant women and constitutes the major factor of pre-and post-natal complications. In the U.S., at least 30% of pregnant women are checked for PROM during pregnancy

If the rupture of the amniotic sac that results in the leakage of the fluid is not detected and treated in a timely and accurate manner (within 24 hours from the occurrence of the rupture), infection and other serious complications for the neonate and the mother may occur. Diagnosis of ruptured fetal membranes is of crucial importance at any term in a pregnancy for prompt hospitalization and for timely and proper treatment.